Best of Summer NAMM ’06: Hamer Newport 90


Has been a long time since last Hamer's newness here but at Summer NAMM they introduced the new Newport serie guitar, the Hamer Newport 90. The guitar is based on the original Newport model and is a semi hollow body guitar for players who are looking for a bluesy sound.

The Newport 90 features mahogany body with arched top, 24.75 scale length, 2 Seymour Duncan P-90, 1 volume and 1 tone knobs, a 3way pickup switch and aluminum TonePros.

The guitar is expensive and we hope the sound quality make it worth. The Newport 90 is available in Jazzburst, Black Cherryburst, Vintage Natural, Vintage Orange, Tobacco Sunburst finishes.

Tascam US-122L, recording tool

US-122L_left3qtrThis new audio/MIDI interface for PC and Mac, looks like a very simple device, but it allows to record two tracks at the same time (including one track with high impedance for guitar tracks). This device is the Tascam US-122L.

The US-122L features 2 analog inputs (1 mic input and 1 line inputs per channel) with phantom power, 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output, USB powered (the USB bus is 2.0) and zero latency monitoring (this feature is hard to believe when using the USB output to a computer, but I'd like to check that).

The US-122L is a really portable device to work with your laptop and you can even record your jams with your colleague with a high audio quality (up to 96kHz/24-bit quality recording) for only $199.

Yamaha FGX730SCA, new acoustic guitar


Yamaha announces the release of a new FG serie’s acoustic guitar, the FGX730SCA acoustic/electric guitar. The cutaway guitar built with sitka spruce at body top and rosewood at fretboard and body back and sides, features a System 55 preamp with a 3-band EQ.

The FGX730SCA (why they don’t name their guitars with simpler names?) also features an tuner so you don’t have to carry a tuner (and you will not forget it anywhere).

Yamaha offers the guitar in left-handed and 12–string versions, but the initial version’s price is $799.99.

Best of Summer NAMM ’06: T-Rex Bloody Mary pedal

2593_fullHeavy metal hits the Summer NAMM, T-Rex introduced the Bloody Mary, a distortion pedal for those guitar players who wants to have a beast roaring to the audience.

The Bloody Mary has 5 knobs, 3 for low, mid and high allowing to get all the sound range of the pedal, 1 for gain, another for level and 1 switch to control body feature (enhances lower mid and bass sound).

Listening to the sample files you can realize that it really can produce a huge range of heavy metal distortion and converts the Bloody Mary a perfect tool for heavy metal players for $369.

The pedal comes packaged in a coffin shaped box, the perfect complement for the beast.

Best of Summer NAMM ’06: Fender B-DEC bass amp

2354200000_xlAt Summer NAMM Fender introduced the B-DEC bass amp, the bass version of the G-DEC amp we talked here some time ago.

The B-DEC has 30 watts output, RCA aux input for MP3/CD players, headphone output and volume, bass, mid and treble controls, like most current amps. But the main differences between current bass amps and B-DEC are bass amps emulation, built-in effects, drum, guitar and keyboard tracks to play along (each track can be muted), internal synth to play any MIDI file, recording feature to hear how are you playing, built-in tuner, etc.

This amps, Fender calls them Digital Entertainment Center, are great to play at home or studio, specially playing alone at home (you can use the samples and loops to improve your style) and are affordable (G-DEC's price is $359.99).

Best of Summer NAMM ’06: Alesis Control Pad

Controlpad_lgAnother device introduced at Summer NAMM, this time is a perfect complement for drummer and percussionists, a MIDI percussion controller for studio and stage performance, the Alesis Control Pad.

Featuring 8 high-quality velocity-sensitive percussion pads, the Control Pad can be USB powered or totally autonomous. When USB connected, not only for power, for connectivity too, the device is compatible with Mac and PC and no drivers are needed. The applications in studio are many, like recording, programming tool, etc.

When autonomous (connected by the power adapter included), the Control Pad has an input/ouput MIDI port and can store MIDI setups and you can change between them. Alesis recommends for as a percussion expander (bongos, congas, …).

It also includes 2 switch pedal inputs for controlling kick drum and hi-hat. The Control Pad will be available at the end of the year.

Schecter Avenged Sevenfold Signature guitars


New guitars from Schecter, this time the signature models from Avenged Sevenfold band, the Synyster and the Vengeance, one for Synyster Gates and the other for Zacky Vengeance.

The guitars have 2 versions, custom and standard, main differences are pickups and Floyd Rose bridge (custom versions is original and standard version is licensed). Besides this, the Synyster features 25.5” scale length, mahogany body and neck (standard has maple neck), Seymour Duncan Custom Invader pickups (standard has Duncan Designed HB-108 pickups), 24 frets, 1 tone and 1 volume knobs and 3–way pickup switch.

Vengeance features 24.75” scale length, mahogany body and neck (standard has maple neck), 22 frets, Seymour Duncan JB pickups (standard Duncan Designed HB-102 pickups), 2 volume and 1 tone knobs and 3–way pickup switch.

Prices for Synyster, standard $899 and custom $1299 and for Vengeance, standard $699 and custom $999.

Best of Summer NAMM ’06: Line6 Floor POD

Line6_Floor_PODIn this Summer NAMM Line6 introduced the new member of the world wide known POD product serie, the Floor POD that looks like a reduced version of PODxt Live.

The Floor POD has 3 foot switches to change between presets and channels, an expression pedal that works as volume/wah pedal, an mini-jack input for jamming along MP3/CD players, 7 effects as other POD products (including phaser, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay and reverb) and stereo 1/4 output.

Line6 promises that the Floor POD will be an affordable device, at least less than the $399 from PODxt Live, that will be available at the end of the year.

LG U400, DJ Mobile Phone?

Lgu400Imagine yourself practicing your DJ abilities on the metro or bus going to the club you are going to play tonight. This may be possible with LG U400 one of the LG’s new mobile phone.

This mobile phone has a jog wheel similar to the iPod’s one, with the jog wheel you can select the MP3 files stored in your memory but also you can scratch with the MP3 files, adding one of the 14 percussion sounds available in the phone or listen to the ringtone samples from scratch DJ’s from DMC.

The U400 maybe has the scratch feature as a curiosity but maybe this kind of features will be on more mobile phones.

Best of Summer NAMM ’06: Schecter S-1 Bada Bling


Schecter introduced all their new guitars at Summer NAMM and I must say that these guitars look very cool and, if they sound as they look, we should keep an eye on their new products. This time it’s turn for the S-1 Bada Bling, a guitar with a strange name but a metallic design that gives it a very cool style.

Besides the look, the guitar features mahogany and ebony wood (except for the mirror body top), 24.75 scale length, 2 Duncan Designed HB-102, TonePros TOM bridge, 2 volume and 1 tone knobs and one fretboard inlay only.

The price, $899, makes the S-1 Bada Bling a very affordable guitar. We'd like to hear how it sounds.