iTube, tube amp for iPod


MP3 players like iPod have replaced the walkman, discman, minidisc and similar, and now it looks like the ones which will be replaced are the Stereo Hi-Fi systems. Some iPod amps are just a computer speaker with a dock for connecting the iPod, but others are high quality audio speakers, one of these amps is the iTube.

The iTube is a tube amp for iPod, featuring 2x6N1 (ECC85) and 1x6E2 (EM87), and output impedance of 4 or 8 ohms. The iTube has a iPod dock station, audio and video output cable (for speaker and TV) and aux source cable (for CD players or other MP3 players).

I think these gadgets will completely replace the Hi-Fi systems because you don’t need to have all the music CDs accessible and ordered, you are listening music on the street with iPod, enter home and connect iPod to this amp and continue listening you favorite music. I want one of those! The price is $550.

Monster Guitar Picks Contest


Some time ago we talked about the Monster Guitar Picks which feature Frankenstein, Dracula, Skulls and more. These cool and different picks can make you look a little bit scarier.

HotPicksUSA and Music gadgets offer you the possibility of winning a 3pick pack of these Monsters Picks, without the coffin shaped box. The only thing you have to do is post a commentary, in this post, saying different, original and/or funny utilities for a pick. The bests commentaries will win the 3pick pack.

You can make commentaries until July 7th and 10th we will announce the winners. It's important to fill the email field when making a commentary (the email will not be shown) so we can contact the winners.

Solid Metal and Liquid Blues, new Damage Control pedals


Damage Control have announced the availability of two new pedal models, Solid Metal and Liquid Blues. These pedals, like all Damage Control pedals, have a, I think, cool design and very focused sounds.

The Solid Metal is dual-tube (Dual 12AX7 tubes) distortion pedal for high gain fans, specially designed for metal musicians. Controls include treble (high-end response like palm muting), bass (adjusts the resonant speaker response), scoop (massive tone-shaping), drive and level. Solid Metal can produce any metal sound from the 80’s sound to actual metal sound.

The Liquid Blues is a dual-tube (Dual 12AX7 tubes) overdrive pedal for blues fans. Controls include treble (high-end response), clarity (to keep a clear sound even in an overdriven sound), opto-comp (gives you a range from down and dirty to smooth and sophisticated), drive and level. Liquid Blues produces the classic blues sounds and allows you to adjust at your own taste.

You can listen to the MP3 of both pedals at the official site and you will notice that both sound really good. Price for both models is $199 (each).

USB Guitar?, not really


When I first saw the headline I thought that another guitar with USB output had been released, but instead of this it was a guitar-shaped USB memory.

But then I thought, this is even more geek. The guitar USB memory is for guitar geeks who are addicted to guitar world. 256 MB, compatible with Windows and Mac OS (and, if it’s a standard USB drive, Linux). But here comes the best part, the guitar USB memory comes with a case like real guitars.

I think it’s a perfect present for guitar players who also are into computers. The price of guitar USB memory is $69,26.

Carl Martin AC-Tone Boost/Overdrive pedal


Last days there have been a lot of news about pedals and here we have another, Carl Martin released the AC-Tone 2-channel overdrive/boost pedal.

With two overdrive channels and 20dB of clean boost channel, the AC-Tone gives you a crispy sound with a little tone of 60’s TopBoost amps. You can set it as you want, like light distortion sound for first channel and overdriven sound for second channel.

The Carl Martin AC-Tone will be available in July 2006 with a price of $330.

Ultron and Ultrem, new Guyatone pedals

guya1.0.jpgGuyatone released two new pedal models from the Guyatone Optical series, the Ultron and the Ultrem. The Ultron, based on Mutron III, is a filter pedal with many adjustable parameters but with a classic filter sound. The Ultrem is a tremolo pedal that can produce vintage or custom tremolo sound. Both pedals are analog.

The Ultron features variable threshold, peak, frequency and speed controls with selectable Up/Down Filter Drive, 6 waveforms and 3 LEDs display indicating oscillator rate.

The Ultrem features speed, depth, and overdrive controls with optional stereo pan, tremolo rate or depth control with 3 pedal tapers (linear, audio and reverse audio) and 6 waveforms and 3 LEDs display indicating oscillator rate. Ultrem can also work as volume pedal or amp panner.

Price for Ultron is $425 and for Ultrem is $375.

Sherlock Audio Speaker-Mate CX


Ever wanted to have some more power with your combo amp and you don’t own one of those expensive combos with speaker output? Sherlock Audio tries to solve that problem by releasing the Speaker-Mate CX.

The Speaker-Mate is a device that allows you to power your sound with an extra cabinet to your combo amp. The Speaker-Mate CX can be connected to 2×12, 4×10 or 4×12 speaker cabinets, and you can play with both speakers (internal and extra) as a stack or only with extra cabinet.

The price for Speaker-Mate CX is approximate $80 and looks like a good way to gain output sound power keeping your own sound.

Alvarez Masterworks with Fishman Aura


At Musikmesse 2006 Alvarez Guitars introduced new models for the Masterworks series in both Yairi and Alvarez brands. The introduced guitars are Alvarez Yairi Masterworks models DYM95C Aura and FYM95C Aura, Alvarez Masterworks models MD80C Aura and MF80C Aura. All introduced models include Fishman Aura Sound Imaging System.

The sound of acoustic guitars is very appreciated by guitar players and good acoustic microphones like Fishman’s ones in acoustic guitars are always worth its price.

The Alvarez guitars can be used both for recording and live shows because the Fishman Aura produces a natural acoustic sound. You can choose between 6 different sound images with Fishman Aura, Neuman KM-84 16 inches, Neuman U87 16 inches, Soundelux E47 4 feet, Shure SM57 16 inches, Earthworks QTC30 6 inches, and Shure SM81 16 inches.

Manufacturers suggested retail prices for the different models are $1,799 for Alvarez Masterworks MD80C Aura and Alvarez Masterworks MF80C Aura and $3,599 for Yairi Masterworks DYM95C Aura and Yairi Masterworks FYM95C Aura. All models are now available.

Peace Manhattan, “portable” drum kit

DP-MHTKFrom all the classic club band instruments, the one which needs more work has always been the drum kit. You need to transport it, mount it and when the show is over, unmount it and carry it again. Peace Musical Co released some time ago the Manhattan Cocktail drum set, and now have added a new finish to the available colors, the lacquer version.

The Manhattan Cocktail drum set features 18″ x 14″ kick drum with reverse cam pedal, 5.5″ x 14″ snare and a 5″ x 10″ tom with mounting arm (with addition arms for cymbals), all individualy in a confortable package.

Price for Manhattan Cocktail drum set with lacquer finish is $1.329 (cymbals not included).

Digitech Brian May Red Special Pedal


Another signature pedal has been released, like the Slash Wah pedal we talked about. This time digitech adds a new signature model in its artist pedal series (including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Scott Ian, …), the Brian May Red Special Pedal.

The pedal, based on the hand-crafted one by Brian May, brings 7 of the guitar sounds that shocked the world in the 70s, like the sounds from Keep yourself alive, Bohemian Rhapsody, Tie your mother down, We will rock you, …

All the tones from Brian May Red Special Pedal are modeled from Burns Tri-sonic pickups (the ones from Brian May PRS signature guitar), and features a guitar knob to optimize pedal voicing to suit your guitar and mono, mixer, stereo mixer or stereo amp output modes.

Recommended price of Brian May Red Special Pedal is $199,95, recommended for Queen fans.