Top 20 strangest guitars

Whatever your tastes are, there is a guitar for you. From Fender to Gibson and all the other million guitar makers, there has to be any model you like. Maybe not? Then you are one of those with a really strange taste and this is the post for you.

This compilation shows the 20 strangest guitars we have been able to find. Some of them can not even be played or, at least, are not comfortable enough to do it. With others, you have to be a genius to play. Anyways, all of them have some singularity which makes them special.

Let's enjoy this bizarre tour.

1. Flipout


See something strange in this guitar?  Yeah, the body is reversed. Or maybe it's the neck which is reversed? Anyway, this doesn't seem like a comfortable guitar to play, at least if you want to get to the higher notes in the fretboard. You can get one for $459 online.

2. Gun guitar


Play and kill at the same time with the Gun guitar. Someone from Gizmodo saw this in a Japanese Yamaha store, where there must be lots of weird guitars, have a look at the bass in the left. The price is about $700, not bad if only you could shot with it.

3. Pikasso


Pat Metheny is one of the most famous jazz guitar players and winner of lots of Grammys. The Pikasso guitar was built for him by luthier Linda Manzer in 1984 and it has 42 strings.

4. Jeweled Jesus


A Fender Stratocaster carved by Doug Rowell for Mike Deasy in 1969, representing the figure of Jesus with a hand on the bridge. For more weirdness, it was stolen from him and returned 25 years later after announcing it on a webpage.

5. Cigar box guitar


The guitar for people with few money. Many famous rock and blues players made one themselves when they were young and couldn't buy one. Made from whatever you could find: cigar box, broom handle,… Carl Perkins, composer of blue suede shoes built one in his youth.

6. Toilet seat guitar


This toilet seat guitar includes all the accessories for making it look very real, like the turd and the toilet paper. Makes me wonder, does it sound like sh*t?

7. Harp Guitar


For some people (like me) it's difficult enough to play the guitar, leave alone if it is combined with a harp. This is a combination of two instruments in one, and there are thousands of models, with different number of strings and configuration.

8. Satan angel guitar


I have no additional info about this guitar, but the picture is weird enough to be included here. Recommended for death-metal and satanic bands, I suppose.

9. Naked lady guitar


Wanna be really provocative? Then you have to play with this guitar or the next one, whichever fits you most. Both are guaranteed to scandalize your public and, of course, their mothers. Have a look where the jack is connected.

10. Wangcaster


If you need to show your virility on stage the Wangcaster is your guitar. Picture says it all, so no more comments. Well, the pubic-hair pickguard is nice to have too.

87 thoughts on “Top 20 strangest guitars”

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  3. All the guitars are greate. I didn’t ever thought of these kind. Congrats. I was searching for a guitar which guitar will get the fretbodt like Ibanez and body like B.C.Rich spider shape. I prefer fixed bridge. Pls send the model’s photo to my address.

  4. What about the guitar player for Cheap Trick’s 5-necked guitar? Now that’s an awesome feat.

  5. the “satan angel” guitar is an ESP Devilgirl. It is no longer in production, but just thought you might wanna know

  6. That second guitar (The machine gun one) look’s a lot like the one Alice Cooper’s old guitarist used to use. It went right a long with his whole Rambo look haha. Great list by the way. I have a Bronze Series B.C. Rich Warlock and it look’s crazy enough for me haha. Later!

  7. tha guitar number 10 is the best, in brazil is called woodguitar, hauahuah
    is the, i want to buy one guitar same this.

  8. The second guitar isn’t an actual gun, it’s a replica of the RX-79’s beam rifle from the anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam”. The twelfth guitar is actually correctly named as the Heat Hawk, and it’s also from “Gundam”.

  9. The second guitar is actually from a store in China and is worth around, or just under, $10,000 American. I only know this because I happen to live in China and the little “Y” symbol with the two slashes through it is the currency symbol for China. It stands for RMB or Yuen. The Bass on the left is quite up there in price too, if I can see correctly.

  10. The Â¥ symbol stands for chinese and japanese currency, but if you look into the price sheet there’s something written in katakana, a japanese syllabary used mainly for foreign names.

    The approximate price, in dollars, of the guitar is $677. I can see all the price of the bass but it seems to be ¥87.500 so, in dollars, $743.

  11. how much would a wangcaster cost?
    it would be the perfect bachelor party present for one of my friends

  12. i would just like to say that the air guitar isn’t really a guitar either soo there for you’ve only showed me 19 i want a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Number 11 is not just an electric harp guitar, it’s a Klein electric harp guitar. Klein built one for the late Michael Hedges who already owned acoustic harp guitars from Dyer and Gibson from the early 1900’s.

    Klein’s normal guitar bodies should also qualify for this list. Take the harp strings off and you’re looking at it. Very odd looking but designed for ergonomics. They’re very comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced.

  14. Guitar #6 was made as a bet and a joke by Michael J. Marler, Portales, N.M. The bet was with me. I owned the guitar for several years before selling it on Ebay. Yes it played very well.

  15. Mike, I can’t believe you owned a toilet seat guitar thats a classic, I just hope it wasn’t a used toilet seat and that you didn’t occasionally confuse it for an actual toilet, I’m sure that could “muddy” up the sound!

  16. these guitars are truly cool ,but i must say there no match for the 3 i own i have a truly cool one of a kind set of strange axes,wanna see them google jim blackmon pensacola my videos have 2 of them showing there!

  17. This is one of the coolest websites I’ve seen. I love stuff like this. I’m glad there are guitar makers out there with senses of humor. Thanx!

  18. Cigar box? Really? c’mon. at least i played #2 before. there must be a lot of them cuz i played on at the Guitar Center in Dayton

  19. I had seen the No.8 (Lady demon) guitar before some time ago on another site.not sure of the following statement but if I recall correctly this is a once off custom made by either jackson or schecter? damn nice design,but not too sure if the single humbucker would do justice to the overall “screamin demon” idea though…


  20. I am brazilian

    Carca velho tem umas guitarras muito idiotas ai, aquela que é um penis nem se fala! Gostei mesmo daquela que é um fuzil

  21. Hi, I have created several weird guitars that I would like to share with you. If you send me an address that I may attach some image files to, I;ll send you some pictures of them.

    Good Day, Mark Behme

  22. man if ya wanna see a real bad guitar, check out my latest invention! the lazershow guitar it has 2 lasers in it that show moveing pictures on floors and ceilings, that project from the les paul! I call it the photon ephiphone! NOW THATS A STRANGE BUT COOL AXE WONDER WHY IM NOT ON THIS LIST MY GUITARS BLOW THESE AWAY!


  24. WTF!?

    You called the Heat Hawk the ugliest design when you have that POS Skatar on the list? Is the author of this article blind?

  25. damn these are some crazy guitars….. im pretty surprised u didnt put a bumblefoot gutiar. ron thal designs the craziest stuff.. vigier designed one for him that looked like bee and whenever u used the whammy bar wings would come out of the body… he also has one shaped like a hand and one shaped like a foot. and one shaped like a cheese. if u like crazy guitars u should reallyyyy check that stuff out.

  26. Hello everybody!!!

    First of all, I´ll tell you one thing… the evil-guitar is a rare ESP (saw one on eBay).

    I work on electric guitar customization. I´d like to share my crazy creatures with you… it seems that I found the right place! 😉 Please, take a look at

    I´d LOVE to get some feedback, so please tell me your impressions at… you´re welcome!!!

    Thanks by anticipate, hope you´ll like my axes


  27. Greetings from England, U.K! Seeing the 1. Flipout reminded me of a
    match for this Lit Cigarette guitar. See why I got all fired up on YouTube. Maybe this guitar could set the music world on fire!

  28. Porra ki guitarras lokas são estas……tem uma aew ki parece uma rola……é loko….o cara tocava com ela ou enviava na bunda

  29. Number 12 is not a gun its an axe from a popular Japanese anime. Your also kind of dumb. The themin guitar is pretty much an air guitar, and saying an imaginary guitar counts over a guitar without strings? Dumb. This is bad journalism.

  30. I LOVE THE WANGCASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Wow. These are all great and humorous at the same time. It’s funny how the devil one is the least strange, considering the times we live, it’s almost a rebellious act to stand for something bigger than ourselves.

    Great Artwork! Thank you for posting these pics of guitars!

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