The world’s smallest amp?


ZVEX has possibily the smallest guitar amp in the world, the Nano Head is a tube guitar head amp with a classic rock sound. ZVEX recommends it for recording because has 20dB less than a 50 watt amp, and also recommends a Marshall or Orange 4×12 cabinet for managing a real good tone.

Amp controls include: Bright switch, Volume, Thickness, and Mellow control. Also includes a little fan (1 inch) but be careful, noise may bleed into guitar pickups. Including a internal speaker, ZVEX only recommends it if you really don’t have the possibility of using a cabinet. Output impedance: 8–16 ohms, but recommended is a 16 ohm cabinet.

ZVEX also has the smallest vacuum tube stereo studio amplifier, the iMPAMP with an input suitable for iPods, laptops, mini-disc/cd players, etc. Perfect for home recording and for combining with bookshelf speakers to create a tube hi-fi speaker.