Best Service RealLPC

large-RealLPC_screenBest Service announced one of their latest products – the long-awaited RealLPC virtual guitar instrument.

RealLPC provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. RealLPC covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Les Paul, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord chopping, scrapes, and much more.

For users of RealGuitar or RealStrat, crossgrades are available at reduced prices.

RealLPC will be available in the end of the year for $198. (Crossgrade for users or RealGuitar2L or RealStrat $159. Crossgrade for users of RealGuitar2L and RealStrat $139.)

More information about the product at the official site of the producer: Best Service

JZ Microphones JZ Vintage line

large-JZ_VintageJZ Microphones announced their new microphone line.

It is called JZ Vintage and it will be a microphone line with a unique and smart design with the well known vintage sound.

The new microphone series mics have a flask shape with built in shockmount and unique capsule. JZ will have three different models V-67, V-47 and V-12. Each mic will have the best vintage sound in honour of U67, U47 or C-12. Capsules will be improved by patented JZ Golden drops capsule sputtering technology.

“We all know how important for recording industry are certain vintage mics and how people use to prefer them as standards for comparisons and evaluation with other mics,” says Juris Zarins, microphone designer. “In a fact that vintage mics in a high quality are not easily available we decided to launch this microphone line to satisfy demand of our customers and complete also our microphone range. I believe that JZ Vintage microphones are going to shake all microphone industry!”

JZ Microphones was established in Latvia in 2007. The company develops innovative modern recording equipment and world-renowned studio microphones.

More information about the new microphones can be found here: JZ Microphones

Solid Cables Eleph speaker cable

solid cableSolid Cables has unveiled its entry into the speaker cable market.

The new Eleph speaker utilizes ultra pure copper conductor of different diameters to better carry the full frequency spectrum of sound any amplifier could create.In doing this, the Eleph cable provides a truly transparent link between the amplifier and the speaker.

Solid Cables believes they are the first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to better carry the full spectrum of sound. The conductors are in a helical wind pattern to resist electrical and mechanical noise and housed in a 6000 PSI tear resistant armor. All conductors are permanently isolated in an avionics grade adhesive to eliminate internal breakage, shorting or solder joint failure.


– Suspended polymer insulator
– All metal shell
– Armor and ends permanently fused with avionics grade heat shrink
– Hand soldered using premium audio grade silver alloy
– Helical wound ultra pure copper conductor, multiple diameter
– Quadruple strain relief
– 6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
– Available with Speakon connectors
– Available in Carbon Black only

The cable is available for $135 (for 3 foot Eleph speaker cable).

For more information about the product, please visit: Solid Cables

PRS Guitars SE Singlecut Korina

frontPRS Guitars presented one of their latest products the SE Singlecut Korina guitar.

The SE Singlecut Korina is versatile, light weight guitar with a musical tone, and is the first solid Korina SE model offered by PRS Guitars.

The SE Singlecut Korina features include a solid Korina body, 3-piece Korina neck with 22 fret Rosewood fretboard, 25 scale length and moon inlays. Other appointments include two humbuckers, a master volume and tone and a 3-way toggle. Vintage Amber is currently the SE Singlecut Korina's exclusive color offering.


Body Wood – Korina


Number of Frets – 22

Scale Length – 25″

Neck Wood – Korina

Fretboard Wood – Rosewood

Neck Shape – Wide Fat

Inlays – Moons


Bridge – PRS Designed Stoptail

Tuners – PRS Designed Tuners

Hardware Type – Nickel

Treble Pickup – PRS Designed Treble Humbucker

Bass Pickup – PRS Designed Bass Humbucker

Pickup Switching – Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

For more information about the guitar, please visit its official site: PRS Guitars

Akai MPK88 keyboard

mpk88_web_angle_largeAkai is now shipping one of its latest products the MPK88 keyboard.

The Akai Professional MPK88 is a professional performance keyboard controller with MPC production controls. The MPK88 draws on the design of the popular MPK49, the first keyboard ever to feature MPC pads. This first-of-its-kind keyboard is ideal for performance, starting with a premium, fully weighted, hammer-action keyboard, adding MPC pads, Q-Link controls, and a selection of MPC technologies. The MPK88 is born for the stage and is equally at home in the studio.

It features an 88-key keyboard and 16 genuine MPC pads. The hammer-action keyboard is fully weighted and features aftertouch for expressive melodic control. The MPC pads are pressure and velocity-sensitive to capture every nuance of your creative concepts. The pads can access four banks of sounds, so you have 64 samples at your fingertips with the touch of a button.

The MPK88 places dedicated transport controls within your reach for easy control of some of the most important tracking and editing controls. The MPK88 has modulation and pitch-bend wheels for expressive musicality, and two assignable footswitch inputs enable you to connect an expression pedal or other continuous controller and a footswitch for momentary controls like patch change or start/stop.

One of the most important input devices on an MPC is its Q-Link assignable control section. Akai Pro built a massive collection of Q-Links into the MPK series. The MPK88 gives you eight virtual knobs that are assignable to control nearly any software parameter. You can control three different parameters per knob thanks to the knobs’ three-bank selection, totaling 24 parameters of instant, hands-on control. Like the virtual knobs, eight virtual faders and eight virtual buttons also control three banks of parameters each, so you get 24 virtual faders and 24 virtual buttons. That’s 72 Q-Link controls!

The MPK88 is a MIDI controller that sends its MIDI values over USB. It is bus powered, so all you need to connect and power the MPK88 is the supplied USB cable. Because it is MIDI compliant, the MPK88 works with most MIDI recording, sequencing, and performance software for musical performers from keyboard players to producers to DJs and even VJs!

The MPK88 comes with Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition, one of the most popular and powerful performance and production programs in the world. Ableton Live Lite enables musicians to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment.

More information about the product: Akai Professional

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT

voicetone_harmony-g-xt_frontTC-Helicon introduced one of its latest products the VoiceTone Harmony-G XT.

With improved harmony technology and the reverb taken from its big brother, VoiceLive 2, Harmony-G XT improves vocal tone and provides pro effects and vocal harmony controlled by naturally playing guitar.

Whether creating vocal harmonies that automatically follow guitar input, smoothing vocal performance with the live engineer effects or applying one of the 18 combinations of specifically tailored combinations of effects, Harmony-G XT can transform any vocal performance into a fully produced masterpiece.

New Features in VoiceTone Harmony-G XT:

  • Improved NaturalPlay guitar-controlled harmony algorithm
  • Front-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of styles from VoiceLive 2
  • Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available
  • Reworked FX presets offer even more utility across music styles
  • USB connection for easy software updates, tips, and preset backup using the included VoiceSupport applet
  • Adaptive harmony gate added to Tone for a cleaner mix
  • Easy manual selection of Scale & Key for singers without an instrument or horn players

Standard Features

  • Some of the features that made the original Harmony-G such a success
  • Listens to guitar and voice to create correct harmony parts automatically
  • Tone switch smoothes vocals with adaptive Live Engineer Effects
  • 18 combinations of reverb, delay, and ??mod shared by vocal and guitar input
  • 10 presets available, each with A/B options
  • Harmony interval selection includes 3rds and 5ths above and below, octave up and down, and the unique Bass interval
  • Stereo or mono configurable output
  • Clean, studio-quality mic preamp with phantom power and XLR input
  • Guitar signal can be mixed in and share reverb or passed through to separate amplifier
  • Fast, accurate guitar tuner

VoiceTone Harmony-G XT will be available in early December 2009 for $345.

More information: TC-Helicon

DVK Technologies GNR8-130


DVK Technologies introduced their latest product – the GNR8-130.

It is 130W powered stereo guitar amplifier cabinet, designed specifically for use with any DSP- or analog-based direct recording device or preamp.

The current crop of guitar modelling and effects units offer incredible realism and versatility to guitarists. Some of the most sought-after vintage tones and effects are now just a button push away. These incredible amp simulations are at our disposal for the first time without the prohibitive expense and bulk associated with classic hardware units.

The GNR8-130 deliver a full range frequency response system with headroom, dynamics, low distortion and the familiar feel and form of a guitar amp. Constrained layer cabinet design and construction ensures the closest possible neutral response. Whatever goes in, comes out a lot louder and unadulterated by amp and cabinet coloring. Tailored to be in line with the GNR8-130‘s preamp and amp, 2 x 12″ specially selected full range speakers from Lorantz Audio Services (C304P/PA) have been employed to ensure accurate reproduction of any modeller. The flat response of the cabinet, coupled with the true sonic reproduction of the amp and speakers perfectly complements the quality of today’s top modelling devices.

The new GNR8-130 will be showcased along with the full range of DVK Technologies products at the NAMM 2010 International trade show.

For more information: DVK Technologies

Open Labs SoundSlate

openOpen Labs introduced SoundSlate – the ultimate virtual instrument player and hardware DAW for your keyboard workstation or MIDI controller, contained in a sexy 1U rackmountable case.

SoundSlate redefines music production and performance by incorporating Open Labs‘ music operating environment including the critically acclaimed virtual instrument host Riff, 8000+ of sounds and effects, a robust audio i/o, and a powerful computer core running Windows XP into a 1U-ultra compact case that packs a punch.

Technical specifications:

Intel® Core2 Duo ® (2.8GHz)

2 GB (upgradeable to 4GB)

500 Gigabyte (upgradeable to 2TB)

Slimline CD/DVD Burner

(8) USB 2.0 ports
(1) Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port
(2) DVI Video ports (1 DVI-I, 1 DVI-D)
(1) E-SATA port

Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz from internal crystal or externally supplied clock (no sample rate conversion)
Bit Depths: 24-bit I/O, 32-bit processing
E-MU E-DSP 32-bit DSP with 67-bit accumulator (double precision w/ 3 headroom bits)
Hardware-accelerated, 32-channel mixing, and multi-effects processing
Zero-latency direct hardware monitoring w/effects
ASIO 2.0, WDM/MME/DirectSound Drivers
EDI (E-MU Digital Interface) proprietary 64-channel audio link over CAT-5 cable
Anti-Pop speaker protection minimizes noise during power on/off
Ultra-low jitter, clock subsystem: < 1 ns in PLL mode (44.1kHz, Opt. S/PDIF Sync)

Analog Line Inputs (2)
Type: servo-balanced, DC-coupled, low-noise input circuitry
A/D converter: AK5394A
Level (software selectable):
– Professional: +4dBu nominal, 20dBu max (balanced)
– Consumer: -10dBV nominal, 6dBV max (unbalanced)
Frequency Response (20Hz – 20kHz): +/- .05dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz, A-weighted): 120dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 120dB
THD+N (1kHz at -1dBFS): -110dB (.0003%)
Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS): < -115dB

Analog Line Outputs (2)
Type: Balanced, low-noise, 3-pole low-pass differential filter
D/A converter: CS4398
Level (software selectable):
– Professional: +4dBu nominal, 20dBu max (balanced)
– Consumer: -10dBV nominal, 6dBV max (unbalanced)
Frequency Response (20Hz – 20kHz): + 0.0/-.35dB,
Dynamic Range (1kHz, A-weighted): 120dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 120dB
THD+N (1kHz at -1dBFS): -105dB (.0006%)
Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS): < -115dB

Digital I/O
– 2 in/2 out coaxial (transformer coupled)
– 2 in/2 out optical (software switched at ADAT)
– AES/EBU or S/PDIF format (software selectable)
– 8 channels, 24-bit @ 44.1/48kHz
– 4 channels, 24-bit @ 96kHz (S-MUX compatible)
– 2 channels, 24-bit @ 192kHz
– 1 in, 1 out

Internal crystal sync at 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz
External sample rate sync via
– ADAT (44.1 – 192kHz)
– S/PDIF (opt. or coax 44.1 – 96kHz)

Power Supply
250 Watt Power Supply, Whisper Quiet Cooling Fans (Internal Chassis, Processor & Power Supply)

19(W) X 12(D) X 1U(H)

More information: Open Labs

Brace Audio DWG1000-TX Digital Wireless Guitar System

inst_side_beltBrace Audio announced the shipping of the DWG1000-TX Digital Wireless Guitar System.

A breakthrough in wireless technology, the Brace DWG-1000 blows away traditional analog wireless systems and gives you something cables can't: natural tone and freedom to roam the stage or control room.

Frequency response of 10Hz to 15kHz delivers thunderous lows and crystal-clear highs rivaling the most expensive audio cables without the static, pumping, breathing, and dropouts found in dynamics-destroying companding and other side effects of analog systems.  Brace Audio‘s unique internal dome antenna design helps immensely for drop out avoidance and also prevents antenna breakage.

The DWG-1000 is rugged and a no-brainer to use. ALL Automatic Channel Selection and Locking transparently links the transmitter to the receiver the moment the units are powered on.  Depending upon conditions, up to twelve DWG-1000 Digital Wireless Systems can be used simultaneously onstage and up to six DWG-1000-TX transmitters can link to a single DWG-1000 receiver.

Operating at 2.4 GHz, the DWG-1000 includes a declaration of conformity, so you’ll never worry about their wireless being confiscated when traveling internationally and is certified for use in USA, Canada and the EU.


*RF Output Power:  16 dBm
*Maximum Input Level:  2.75v peak to peak
*THD:  <2% @ 800 mV pp 1 kHz tone
*S/N Ratio:  more than 90 dB
*Battery Life:  5 hours (AA size battery)
*Output:  33mm, 1/8 in. mono Jack
*System gain: 1
*Frequency:  2.4 GHz, FHSS
*Input Impedance:  600K ohm
Operating Power Voltage:  3.0V Typical
Audio Frequency Response:  10 Hz – 15 kHz
Lower Battery Alert:  15 minutes of life left
Antenna:  Internal dome
Units operating at same time: 8-12

Frequency Type:  2.4 GHz, FHSS
Battery Life:  7 hours (AA size battery)

Product contains
1 Transmitter
1 Receiver
2 – 1/4″ to 1/8″ Guitar Cables
Belt Clip

More information: Brace Audio

Hinton Instruments SwitchMix

SwitchMix1-flat1Hinton Instruments has introduced their latest product – the SwitchMix.

It is actually a compact switched routing matrix for both audio and dc coupled control voltages. According to Hinton, the SwitchMix offers all the advantages of pin matrices without the problems.

SwitchMix may have balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications including multitrack and effects routing and headphone mixes. The balanced inputs make it suitable for interfacing DAW sound cards into a synthesizer for Silent Way and Volta users.

Two Eurorack versions of the SMX8 are available, with or without front panel jacks. Rear connections are via DB25 sockets conforming to the Tascam balanced analogue pinout. The SMX8EJ (shown) has front panel 3.5mm unbalanced jacks for synthesizer connections and occupies 42HP of Eurorack space. The SMX8EB has balanced Bantam/TT jacks. Other combinations and custom normalling are possible.

Custom build options are available. Prices start from £399, EC orders received before 1st January 2010 will be charged with 15% VAT.

More information about the product: Hinton Instruments